Come visit our salon and experience the beauty within yourself! Two great salons in one. For Children and Adults. Fairy Tales is a beautiful family experience!
                     We have a talent for working with children.

We are the premiere salon of the Five Towns specializing in children hair cutting located on Long Island. Joseph Ciofalo the owner of Fairy Tales Salon and the founder and creator of Fairy Tales all Natural  Hair Care products saw the need for a salon to service children. He opened up Fairy Tales Salon in 1983.  He trains his staff to use special hair cutting techniques for cutting children's hair. We take children’s hair cutting seriously. We give the kids hair cuts with a fashionable, adult style look. Fairy Tales also offers full option of styling services for adults. 
    With so many years of experiences working in the salon, parents would ask me questions about  there children hair care  problems.That's what helped me to designed my line of natural hair care products. I wanted to make it easy for parents to take care of their children’s problem hair. 

At times I would  notice some kids coming into the salon itching there scalps. After checking the child's scalp and noticing head lice, I told the parent I couldn't cut there childs hair until after they were treated.
   That's what mede me develop "Rosemary Repel Shampoo" 

Fairy Tales / Hair Fantasies
Why did you create Fairy Tales  Rosemary Repel Hair Care Products: